Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System (Custom Web Application – Created for Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate Company).

Baghy Shaqlawa Real Estate company is one of the biggest real estate companies in Iraq – Kurdistan region with more than 20 branches, Baghy Shaqlawa headquarter based in Erbil – Italian Village.

Baghy Shaqlawa real estate web application is a complete real estate business management software. It is designed for the Real Estate Industry, It is a fully customized and responsive web application, it manages the company business throughout the branches.

This web application can help real estate companies to improve their business performance. It is a powerful and scalable web application, and it is created using the latest web technologies.

Real Estate Management System is an easy to use, efficient and full-featured real estate web application with a great set of features, some of which:

  • User management.

  • Employee Management.

  • Branch management.

  • Property management (offers & requests).

  • Contract management (rent, sale and authorization).

  • Receipt management.

  • Customer management.

  • Smart alerts.

  • Rent and payments reminder system.

  • File management.

  • Detailed financial reports.

  • General reports.

  • Statistics reports.

  • Multilingual interface.

  • And more.


  • Requirement Analysis

  • Development and programming

  • Responsive Design

  • Hosting

  • Domain Registration

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