Corporate Identity Design
Corporate Identity Design
Organizations use combinations of colors, design and words to make visual statements that reflect their identity and vision. Corporate Identity defines both how organizations look at themselves and how they want to be recognized by others.

Corporate Identity Design consists of a variety of different elements that make up your corporate brand. Your Corporate Brand is the perceived emotional or physical image of your organization as a whole and is expressed with all your Corporate Identity Design Elements such as your logo, business cards, letterheads etc. Identity refers to all the visual designs associated with your organization which includes any products and services that you offer.

Our corporate identity design service will help your company find the voice and images it needs, corporate branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name of a corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services.

Through our experienced and creative design team, we build your brand image through brand assets including:

  • Logos

  • Typography

  • Business cards

  • Email signature template

  • Presentation folders

  • Letterheads

  • Envelopes

  • Presentations

  • Other marketing collateral

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